Montag, 4. Februar 2019

Albania 4

Oh my beloved Albania. The country of dull red coloured templates that lack any tiny bit of inspiration, probably on purpose. The country of bunkers and insanity around every corner. And still, or maybe because of that, one of my favorite places in Europe and a national team I wholeheartedly love and cheer for regularly.

Like the last two Albania shirts posted here, this beauty is a vintage red shirt. I struggle to find any pics of it in use, but given the source I do have little doubt about its legitimacy. I bought this from a  former Germany U21 player, who again collected it after a match vs. Albania. Sadly, there are no exactly many pictures of Under 21 international matches in Albania in the 80s and 90s, which I believe is the period this shirt must be from. If you have a picture or happen to regularly browse the Albanian football chronicles, let me know!

Of course, I had no particular reason to buy "just another shirt" of Albania, but do we really need reasons? If so, this blog surely wouldn't exist. Unfortunately, I still lack the great designs Macron made for Albania in the last days, probably the first and only shirts worthy to collect, wear or simply look at - but I will get there one day!

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