Dienstag, 5. Februar 2019


James Riley (Tacoma Stars)
vs. Tamil Eelam (6:0) | CONIFA World Football Cup 2018 in London
Oh Cascadia, says their national anthem. And I agree. Oh Cascadia! Cascadia surely is a very unique concept in the world of international football. They represent more an idea, a philosophy and a bioregion they hope it will be implemented in, than a clearly defined set of people or geographic area. That might seem like a bizarre one - and it certainly is - but it is also a charming idea and I don't think the many news articles that branded them as the "hipster national team" were too far from reality.

As the first ever non-FIFA team from North America, they made it to a World Championship when they played the World Football Cup in London 2018. As one of two teams in the tournament, they were equipped by Stingz, the newly founded sports brand that is a daughter of Hongkong based fashion giant Giordano. As the Tuvalu kit, the other shirt they made, the design is cracking and will stay in the memory of everyone who has seen the team in it for a while. I also hereby admit that I am a massive fan of the funny little bee (or wasp?) logo of Stingz. I was lucky enough to be given both, the Cascadia and the Tuvalu, shirts directly by Stingz during the tournament.
Thanks, Stingz!

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