Freitag, 8. Februar 2019


With this Yugoslavia shirt, the Balkan should be covered, given that shorter lived countries as the Republic of Serbia Krajina never had time to found a national football team.
It also is a good leap forward in terms of completing ex-FIFA shirts. Just the two Germanys, which are super expensive, South Vietnam and South Yemen to go now, I believe. I never focused on getting those shirts, and probably they are nearly all impossible to ever get, but if you have a South Yemen shirt lying around at home, please let me know. Thanks!

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  1. This post is simple yet worth reading. Love this shirt.Big thanks for sharing.

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  3. Hello,

    My name is Antony Canonne I am 39 years old, I live at Croix (Hauts de France) and I am passionate about football and sports in general. And this passion was born thanks to my father who when I was a kid took me to Bollaert Stadium to support the Blood and Gold (Lens, France).
    Unfortunately, three years ago, I lost my father who died of pancreatic cancer detected too late. So, in order to feel useful, and in a way, to pay tribute to him and continue to live the passion of my father’s sport, I decided to create this charity to raise funds for the fight against cancer: THE CHTIS COLLECTEURS.

    The principle of our action?
    It is notably to collect jerseys and/or sports objects worn in matches, dedicated in order to collect funds aimed at research and the fight against pancreatic cancer; but also, as long as possible, participate in sporting events to make themselves known and always in this objective to collect something…

    Perhaps you have the possibility via your «privileged» position to obtain «nice» signed & worn jerseys that could be nice auctions in favor of the cause that I defend tooth and nail for now 3 years!

    I would like to end by thanking you for your attention to our email and our request. .

    I wish you a good reception and see you soon!


    Antony Canonne – 06 70 83 52 40
    31 rue Saint Jacques – 59170 CROIX
    Président des "Ch'tis Collecteurs"
    Collecte d’objets de sports signés, portés pour la lutte contre le cancer
    Site Web :
    Facebook :
    Présentation vidéo : //
    Adhésion :
    Twitter : @1maillot1espoir
    EBay :

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