Samstag, 9. November 2013


Nepal vs Timor Leste (5:0) | WC 2014 qualifier | 2011 in Timor-Leste
If you read my blog regularly you might be confused by my last updates as I said before I am focussing on Asia these days. Well, sometimes some shirt pop up, I got a couple of pennies left and just fall in love. That is how I get most shirts I buy :D
This one is in my plans again. Again all thanks go to Nick for storing this one for ages for me. It is 100% official and is a very boring plain design.
Anyways, it has the only non-rectangular flag on it, which is fair enough!
In addition it now makes my new tool on the homepage, the FIFA overview world map above, look great as it fills a "hole". I am honestly also looking for cheap Russia, USA, Canada and Mexico shirts now to make the map look "more complete", even if it is just a silly optical trick.


Unknown Player
Burundi vs. Rwanda

For this simple but great Burundi shirt all thanks go again to my mate Nick in UK! He bought that shirt for me on probably 1 or 2 years ago and stored it for me beeing a damn poor student. Now I finished uni I was finally able to "free" that shirt and I love it!
The asymetric design is somehow a sweet idea and I like the errea logos on the arms.
Again I could not find a match pic unfortunately. I am 100% there are some out there and I was just to stupid to find them, though. Any help is very welcome!


Gilles Bettmer (SV Eintracht Trier / Germany)
Luxembourg vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina (0:3)
Euro 2012 qualifier | 2010 in Luxembourg
Luxembourg shirts once have been rare and expensive. I have been to Luxembourg city for about 20 times in my life and even there it was pretty hard to get hold of one. Only one shop outside the center sold them for about 80 Euro. At some point in history this 2011-2012 suddenly popped up everywhere for cheap. Obviously I had to grab it as you never know for sure if it changes again.
The shirt is quite a classic and simple red Jako design. The cool thing, in my eyes, is the logo. I love the simple FLF logo. Too bad it does not have some words in the funny "language" called Letzeburgisch written on it.
I am still absolutely up to visit the team live as I am only living like 2 hours away from LUX. So probably I will go to see them live, preferably agains Moldova or Andorra, one day. Now I can equip good enough for that finally.


Libya vs. Ivory Coast (0:2) | WC 2006 qualifiers
2004 in Ivory Coast
This Libya shirt should be from the Ghaddafi-era as it is the classic green design Libya wore that time.
Unfortunately I did not find a picture of that shirt in use and I somehow have the feeling it is a fan shirt or fake. It was sold via and the seller ripped me off by charging me 20 Euro for shipment. He told me that this is the cheapest Italian service to send 100g inside the EU. I really hope for every Italian out there that this is a lie!

I will not stop searching for Libya shirt as this one is questionable. Nevertheless I have one in my collection now and according to all the troubles it brought to get any I am happy with that... for now.