Sonntag, 20. September 2015


Enis Alushi (1.FC Kaiserslautern)
Kosovo vs. Haiti (0:0), friendly 2014 in Kosovo
I do have that amazing shirt for quite a while now already thanks to my mate Joe from Scotland for a price of about 60€ incl. shipping if I remember correctly.
However, I somehow simply forgot to update this gem. But in fact I absolutely love this shirt for several reasons:
1. Enis Alushi does now play at FC St.Pauli, which is my favorite club, and is absolutelly stunning there. Surely one of the best players this season so far.
2. I do feel some connection to Kosovo. My father, who was a soldier in the German army, went to Kosovo as part of KFOR three times and mainly built a lot of infrastructure there. For that reason (but not only that reason) I wanted to see how Kosovo really is and went there in September 2014. I can only say that it was amazing! I went to Prizren, which is surely one of the nicest cities in the whole Balkans, if not Europe, and to Peja, where I stayed in a remarkable 5 star hotel and had an amazing time.
But what makes Kosovo absolutely outstanding is its stunning nature and mountains and, most of all, the amazing Kosovars. I rarely met that many impressively nice people everywhere. In fact I felt like home in a country I have never been to before! But, I am sure, I will come back!
3. As CONIFA general secretary I am always working for the good of non-FIFA football and of course there is always a little hope that some of the CONIFA members will make a step further one day and will "promote" to the biggest of all stages. Kosovo did not achieve that, yet. However, they advanced from playing only non-FIFA matches with non-professional players to some level of "acceptance" by FIFA. They are know officially allowed to play friendly matches against FIFA members, even though they cannot play in any FIFA tournaments.
The shirt above was worn in the first ever matches of that kind - a 0:0 draw against Haiti.

Thanks again to Joe and the US shop he sourced this shirt from! I love it and Alushi and Kosovo will get a special place in my collection.

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