Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2019

Uganda 2

Philip Obwiny (Express Red Eagles)
vs. Kenya (1:1) | Castle Cup 2001 in Kenya
You wondered what the all time favorite of every national team shirt collector is? Well, a Vanuatu flag-style shirt and this mindblowing Uganda Cranes shirt. Just take a look at the picture from the match above for a few seconds. That poor Kenyan looks pathetic in his cheapish one-size-fits-all red jumper, while Mr. Obwiny just has class! You can see his joy of wearing this polyester masterpiece and to be fair - he is absolutely right feeling this way!

Uganda, as far as I am aware, used this shirt on in the 2001 Castle Cup, a four-nation tournament in Eastern Africa that is long gone. They remained unbeaten with it over 90 minutes, only losing to Kenya on penalties. That makes you wonder naturally: This is one of the best shirts that were ever design. It helped them to not concede a single goal while wearing it and thus is a great talisman. And then there is this trend of using all those old design currently. To sum it  up:
DEAR HUMMEL - BRING BACK THIS SHIRT (if you want, call it "vintage tribute to 2001" as the others do) NOW!

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  1. I think there are also photos of them using it again sporadically right up to 2005...