Montag, 2. Oktober 2017


Geoffrey Massa testing the fabric

Geoffrey Massa (Baroka FC | South Africa)
vs. Burkina Faso (0:0) | AFCON 2017 qualifier | 2016 in Uganda
This is number 206 of 211 from the FIFA list - 5 to go now only!
I am more than close to finish this journey after nearly 6 year at some point soon and start to think about how to continue... opening a museum? Going on tour to exhibit? Selling them all? Donating them? Replacing the odd ones? Hard to tell now!But we all know that 5 more can need 5 more years in this business!

The Uganda Cranes had plenty of amazing shirts over the last year, including the most amazing "Crane shirt", which has a gigantic crane all over it. This one, in comparison, is rather dull, but it was available through Nick and I thus absolutely had to grab it. The issue with the many other Ugandan shirts on ebay is that around 94% (rough estimation) are poor fakes, who are often sold on the streets of Kampala. This errea beauty, however, came direct from the Spain supplier to Nick - and then to me - and thus is 100% legit.

The Cranes did qualify for the first AFCON for a while in 2017, but unfortunately performed quite poorly. However, the team is known for great upsets in all kind of qualifiers. Still, they never managed to have a proper shirt sale available, even though their shirt seem to be the 6th or 7th most popular on ebay.

But now, let us speak about Geoffrey Massa, finally. Not only does that chap now play in Northern Cyprus and might thus be the only player with over 50 international caps who decided playing in a non-recognized country would be a great next step in your career, but he must also be the most photogenic guy international football ever saw. In only a single match two pictures of him were taken, the only ones I found of him in that very shirt. One of them shows im doing the Mo Farah McDonalds-M celebration, often mistaken for a heart, while the other shows himself transforming his shirt into a hijab. I am not sure if he did pose deliberately, but he surely knows how to make the cameramen happy.

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  1. Hallo,
    Ich bin Martin aus Österreich und ebenfalls ein National-Team-Trikot Sammler. Ich könnte etwas Hilfe,Tipps und Tricks gebrauchen ;-)
    Würde mich freuen von dir zu hören.

    LG Martin Spielauer