Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Sri Lanka

Unknown Player
Sri Lanka vs. Nepal (1:1) | 2006 Challenge Cup in Bangladesh

I got this Sri Lankan shirt from where a Thai seller sold those for a reasonable price. It cost 30,03€ including the shipment cost already. Funnily the shirt feels like real cotton. Unfortunately it is sized XXXL, so far too big for me. The design is pretty cool and looks very modern, even if the shirt is from 2006. The Thai company FBT really did a nice job with this shirt !


Elias Pelembe aka Domingues (Mamelodi Sundowns / South Africa)
Mozambique vs. Nigeria (0.3) | AFCON 2010 in Angola

This Mozambique shirt came from Enrique as a part of a swap. It is exactly the same design as my Equatorial Guinea shirt, so it is pretty boring for me :P Nevertheless it is a rarity and I love to get hold of it. Thanks a lot again Enrique.

Northern Ireland

Corry Evans (Carlisle United / England)
Northern Ireland vs. Slovenia (1:0) | UEFA 2012 qualifiers |  in Slovenia

Thanks a lot to Mads for this beauty of a shirt. He sent it to me free of charge as a little thanks for the shirts I organized for him. I really appreciate this gift as Northern Ireland shirts are pretty rare and expensive here in good ol' Germany and it is always some work for me to get things from UK. The design is pretty cool, too.


Eytan Mizrahi (Beitar Jerusalem)
Israel vs. Finland (0:0) | WC 1994 qualifiers | 1993 in Finland
I bought this Israel shirt on It cost me 29€ + 2,50€ for shipment. It is a matchworn shirt of Nir Klinger, who wore it in the World Cup Qualifier match 27.10.1993 against Austria. The seller was from Austria and got the shirt after the match. I like the shirt as it is matchworn and pretty rare.
To prove that it is authentic I will attach a video of an other game of Israel 1993 as I did not find any pics or videos of the match against Austria. If someone can help here, let me know.

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

Papua New Guinea

Unknown Player
Papua New Guinea vs. Vanuatu (0:2) | in 2011

This is the last time I have to thank Nick today ;)
I really love Papua a lot. Probably the last untouched part of the world.
Unfortunately they are not the best footballers over there and so they are pretty uncommon in the football world. They got the same Lotto template that all the other OFC nations had these days, but in red :P


Henri Carione
Tahiti vs. New Caledonia | OFC Nations Cup 2012 in Solomon Islands

This Tahiti shirt came again as a swap from Nick and this is the one I love the most. I really like this red slashes all over the shirt. Quite a cool shirt.

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands vs. New Caledonia (1:2)
U17 OFC Championship 2011 in New Zealand

Just a big "thanks" to Nick again. Another rare OFC shirt and another one I love a lot. I really like the badge here. I love the evil shark and crocodile. Unfortunately the Solomon Islands football team as not known to bite too hard :D


Vanuatu in 2011

This Vanuatu shirt is a bit boring, but it is a VANUATU shirt ;)
I cannot find words for how happy I am that I got this and a couple of more OFC members shirts from my friend Nick. I really appreciate it a lot to get those damn rare shirts for my collection.
In the last month I concentrated on getting shirts that even Nick is missing a lot to get those rarities of him.
So I got 4 OFC shirts from Nick as swaps for home and away shirts of Yemen and the Seychelles.
It is always a pleasure to do those swaps with Nick and I hope that we will can more of them soon.
I am still working to get your missing shirts hard ;)

As probably some of you know Vanuatu had the most amazing shirt in international football. And if someone ever gets hold of this shirt I would really love to get it:


Unknown Player
Lesotho vs. Swaziland | friendly 2014 in Swaziland

Even if I am the latest in the community who got this shirt I am still very proud to have it.
I just managed to get into contact with the above guy (next to S.Blatter) about 6 month ago.
I asked him for a shirt and he told me that it will be released soon. Well, they got a lot of troubles with their old and new supplier and so I asked him again and again without success.
Finally in December he told me that the shirts will arrive in late December or early January and that his brother will visit him in this time. Well this important for the story as his brother lives in London.
So he gave his brother 8 shirts and he imported them to London.
Afterwards a friend of Nick picked up the shirts in London and Nick send them to all the other guys who were part of the deal.

Now lets say something about the shirt. My LEFA contact told me that I will love the shirts when he saw them first. Well, he was right. I really love it a lot ! IEspecially the little Crocodile (Likuena) in the background of the shirt is just a sweet little detail. I love that little African countries like Lesotho and Botswana started to work with local suppliers to get there own design instead of just wearing a Puma or Adidas sample.
Thanks a lot again to my LEFA contact and Nick and his friend. This deal would be impossible without you. And of course a big "thanks" goes out to the brother of my LEFA contact !


Player Unknown
Grenada vs. Guatemala (0:4) | Goald Cup 2011 in USA

Wow. This shirt is really amazing. I like every detail of it. I love that they do not need a supplier but just print "Spice Boyz" where other teams put their suppliers. I love the colours and I love the badge.
Besides it came with the shorts which is just wonderful too as it has the badge on it as well.
I got the shirt from my Scot friend Joe who send it to me as a swap for a Seychelles shirt.
Thanks a lot again Joe for this beauty of a shirt. I owe you some shorts now :D