Samstag, 14. Januar 2012

Faroe referee kit

I got this lovely Faroe FA referee kit from the Faroese FIFA Referee Assistant Regin Egholm. Mr Egholm is one of the members of madur12, the official Faroe FA fan club, so I added him on facebook and asked him for a Faroe shirt a couple of months ago. He could not help me there but we had a couple of nice chats and he told me that he is refeering, too. So I asked him for a shirt, and here it is ;) In addition he sent me those above FIFA badges and lighters and pens from madur12. The shirt came signed by him and with shorts and even socks :) I am really happy for this nice addition to my collection and for the nice contact to Mr Egholm. Thanks a lot for this, man ! I really look forward to meet you in Hannover in September when Faroe play against Germany. Of course I will come in a Faroe shirt :D

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