Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011


Mongolia vs. Radian-Baikal Irkutsk (1-8)
unofficial friendly in 2011

I got this beauties of Mongolian shirts from the German embassy in Ulan Baator. They bought them from the Mongolian FA as you (if you speak Mongol) see on the bill above. The embassador just brought them to Germany now and sent them from Germany, so I did not have to pay thousands of shipment dollars on it :P
I hope you love them as much as I do. As you can see on the pictures above, they were both worn in the World Cup Qualifiers for 2014.


Turkmenistan vs. Indonesia (3:1)
Olympics 2012 Qualifier | 2011 in Indonesia

I got this damn rare Turkmenistan from Murad Satylov, the General Secretary of the Turkmenistan FA.
Mr Satylov works for Olympic Council of Asia, why he lives in Kuwait. As most people in Turkmenistan do not have any access to the internet (and with most I mean all except for a handful of leading people) it is nearly impossible to get into contact to any Turkmen. Luckily Mr Satylov lives in Kuwait and so he has access to the internet and I got into contact with him quite easy. After some talks he caught a shirt when he was in Turkmenistan to watch the WC Qualifier Games against Indonesia. He just had a lot to do for a while, as he married and went to honeymoon and so he did not sent the shirt to me for some month.
A couple of days ago he told me that he finally send it on Monday and I was really confused when it just arrived today.
As you can see I did not pay a Cent for it and as the video shows it is a legit shirt.
I am probably the luckiest guy in the world to own this rarity now.
Thank you so much Mr Satylov !

Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2011


Shunsuke Nakamura (Celtic / Scotland)
Japan vs. Peru (2:0), friendly 2007 in Japan

I got this Japan shirt from ebay. Finally I got it, as I really like Japanese football and it is obviously not hard to get a shirt. But most times they went for about 25 € or more on ebay so I just decided to not go for them. This one I got for exactly 8,50€ including the shipment. So it was a real bargain. Unfortunately it is sized XL, so I can not really wear it.


Chhin Chhoeun (National Defense Ministry)
Cambodia vs. Malaysia (1:4) | 2011 SEA Games in Indonesia

Again this Cambodia shirt came from the Thai ebay seller zenther. He sold this shirt for about 40 € which already includes the shipment costs. I like the design and it seems to me legit for me. So I did a good deal on a really hard to get shirt here !

Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011

short summary

As Luuc asked me how many shirts I got now, I just recognized that I am loosing the overview.
So I decided to give you - and me - an overview about the shirts I got till now.

UEFA:                     16/53       30 %
CAF:                       11/53        21 %
AFC:                        9/46         20 %
CONCACAF:          6/35         17 %
OFC:                        1/11          9 %
CONMEBOL:         4/10         40 %

            47/208       23 %


Haiti vs. Italy (1:3) | WC 1974 in Germany
Haiti pre-1974 World Cup preparations

So here is my piece of Haitian football history :) I got this on ebay for 16,25 € + 4 € postage. The seller told me that he got the shirt of the team during the World Cup in 1974. He just worked in the hotel where the team stayed during their first (and last till now) World Cup. The FA did not have a logo and so just used a football as a crest as you can see in the above picture. Probably it is a tranings shirt and not a match shirt, but of course I do not know this. It is impossible to find picture of the 1973 Haiti team who wore this shirt.
I am quite sure that the shirt is authentic and not a remake as the label says made in WESTERN Germany, it has 40% cotton and it feels like the 70s. I really like this shirt, even it is looks quite unspectacular.


As all you other collectors I got this very rare Timor-Leste shirt of the Thai ebay-seller zenther. I really like the shirt and I decided to call it "authentic" ;) You all know that the shirt costs 32,56 € + 9,31 € postage.

Donnerstag, 17. November 2011


Swaziland in 2005

This is by far the most beautiful shirt I got for my collection so far ! I was lucky to get into contact with Linoh Magagula who is the secretary of the Technical Committee of the Swaziland FA. He is a very kind and helpful guy and so I organized a swap with him. I send him a brand new Liverpool shirt, an Ukraine shirt and some gifts for his two sons. For this I got this beauty of a shirt. I really wish him and the Shilangu all the best in the future an I am really thankful to get to know Mr Magagula. Besides the shirt he attached some WC 2010 stamps of Swaziland on the parcel. As I collected stamps before I collect shirts now, I really appreciate this a lot, too. I just attached them to my huge stamp collection :)

Donnerstag, 3. November 2011


Bangladesh vs. India (0:1) | in England 2000

This is the Bangladesh shirt of the Sapphire series. I think with this shirt my Sapphire collection is complete :)
I thought that Bangladesh shirts are impossible to get, but it seems to be very easy and cheap to get them in UK.


Bangladesh vs. India (0:1) | in England 2000

This shirt Oliver bought for me on It was pretty cheap, like all the Sapphire shirts. Somehow I like the Sapphire design. But the shirt has a weired size. Its arms are made for elephants legs obviously :P


Samuel Eto'o (FC Barcelona / Spain)
Cameroon vs. Angola (3:1) | AFCON 2006 in Egypt

Again this shirt came from Warrington. Oliver did really made it to do 3 shirts in 1 single parcel. A lot of respect for this mate ;)
I was not really sure if the shirt is official, but then I got a simple proof.
In the following picture you can see the big black puma sign which is all over the shirt and even bigger than the shirt. This is an 100 % proof for me ;)