Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

Equatorial Guinea

Thierry Fidjeu-Tazemeta (Austria Klagenfurt / Austria)
Equatorial Guinea vs. Libya (0-1) | AFCON 2012 in Equatorial Guinea

After 8 month of mailing contact my Equatorial Guinea shirt finally arrived. It is a matchworn shirt worn by the player Thierry Fidjeu-Tazemeta from the World Cup Qualifier match against Madagascar.

Just before I started to collect all the 208 FIFA shirts I wanted to prepare myself for the CAN and get only a Equatorial Guinea shirt and a Gabon shirt. I thought it should be easy to get the host nations shirts.
So I found out that they are not available anywhere and wrote a mail to the management of the player.
As he played in Austria for a long time his management is German speaking and I asked them for a shirt.
Well, they just replied about 4 month later that they will ask him for a shirt.
Again 3 month later I got a mail that they really got the shirt of the player and they will send it for me if I pay them the shipment price.
Of course I did pretty far and now I got this beauty of a shirt right before the CAN will start on Saturday.
Thanks a lot Mr Fidjeu-Tazemeta !!!

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  1. Man, I love your Nzalang Nacional shirt, I've always wanted one :D I hope I can get one soon too hehe. Congratulations! :P