Dienstag, 30. April 2013


Syria female vs. Palestine

I am so happy to announce that I will have all the rare Asian shirts so soon. This is definetly one of the rarest of the globe (and not only Asia). I found it on ebay.com and it was an absolutely bargain. I won an auction for 14,99€ + 19,96€ for shipment and did not only get this shirt (which was obviously used by ladies at least), but another one ! The other shirt will just be my next post above. This one is simple, not the most fance piece of shirt art, but rare as hell. So I am happy to tick another country off my list.


Australia vs. Qatar (3:1) | WC 2010 qualifiers | 2008, in Qatar

Dear Alex Savvides, thank you so much for that ! I really love it. That is the most amzing badge in the world. And of course I am happy to have another shirt of your country ! Besides, the price was absolutely hot ;)

Samstag, 27. April 2013

Sao Tome and Principe

I am one of the happiest national team collectors on this planet today ! I just received a parcel from Sao Tome and Principe today ! It came from a good friends of the Sao Tome FA president and he just got some shirts for me. First we tried if he is trustable ordering one shirt for my good friend Nick who was willing to take the risk for this one. Well, he turned out to be absolutely trustful and sent a shirt to Nick (the same as the one above). Afterwards my friend Eric offered me to pay me a Sao Tome and Prinicpe if I get one for him. Well, so I ordered 2 more shirts from my contact and here they are ! For now I have no idea which one I'll keep and which of those will go to Eric in Canada. So I just decided to post pictures of both shirts.
The above shirt (the one with #3) is pretty old and probably from the 2006 Lusophony Games in Macau. We failed to find a picture proof yet, though.
The second shirt (below, number 15) is the current shirt of the team. A picture of the ceremony where the FA got them handed by Afribraz can be seen at the end of this post.
Both shirts are in poor condition and heavily used, but hey, they are matchworn. I do not really care about that.


Sopha Saysana (Nong Khai FC / Thailand)
Laos vs. Indonesia (2:2) | friendly 2012

Somehow I realized that I am nearly finished with Asia and thus I decided to work on Asian shirts again. I think the most hard to get shirts are already hanging in my wardrobe with Turkmenistan, Macau and Bhutan and thus I think there is a good chance to finish my first Continental Federation pretty easy and soon.
The first shirt I bought on this way is this great Laos shirt ! It came for just 23,02€ + 7,67€ for shipment from a seller in Thailand. I chose the name and number printed version which was just slightly more "expensive".
The design is really awesome ! Again FBT did a brilliant job with this shirt !

Mittwoch, 10. April 2013


Guam vs. India (0:4) | AFC Challenge Cup 2014 in Maledives

Of course I need to thank Nick again, but first and most of all I have to thank my friend Eric from Canada for this one ! Thanks a lot for sorting out and gifting that one to me ! It is really special to me and I am happy to finally have a shirt of the Guam national team !

British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands vs. Turks Caicos Islands | female U20 in 2010
Again thanks go to my mate Nick. He somehow sorted out a couple of those amazing BVI shirts. I am trying to get one from a player for ages but somehow it never worked. Once I had no money, once he has not been on the Islands and so on. Anyways, I am in a good contact with Jevone Demming and even had a phone call with him. He is a really cool guy and I am sure some sunny day I will be able to sort out another shirt from him :D
Anyways, this one is just perfect. It is a really simple design, but it is probably one of the rarest shirt out there (has ever anybody got one instead of Nick ?)
Just to post some alternative pictures again I will share a private picture of Jevone with you. Unfortunately he is not wearing the shirt on this pic, but instead he wears a track suit of the same design. Besides the pictures shows why the shirt is thaaat huge ;)
If you ever read this mate, keep going !


Asselmo Massama (Foullah Edifice FC)
Chad vs. Botswana (0:1) | AFCON 2012 qualifiers | 2011 in Chad

Thanks again to Nick for sorting out this one. It is definetly much more official than the one I sourced from Abounasports a year ago. The shirt is from GladiasSport (great logo btw !) and was worn against Botswana in 2011 (Chad - Botswana 0:1 in Ndjamena).
The picture above (as well as the following) are from Asselmo Massama Kiliouto (who is the captain and number 15 !), who I am in a good contact with. Just to be not a copy of Nicks blog (with cheaper pictures) I will post another picture of the shirt worn by the team. It is from the Botswana match again and shows the captains:


Mubarak Haggar
Darfur United vs. Western Sahara (1:5) | VIVA World Cup 2012 in Kurdistan

Thanks a lot to Nick for sorting out this shirt. It came directly from Darfur United (www.darfurunited.com) and has the number of the first (and only) goalscorer in the young history of Darfur. The team was found by 2 US Americans to help the people in Darfur and brought the team to the VIVA 2012 World Cup. They lost their 2 group stage matches with 0:15 and 0:18. In their last match (playing for the 9th match) they lost again against the Western Sahara. The result was 1:5 and Mubarak Haggar Dougoum was the happy scorer (see picture above) and thus got printed on this shirt ! The Darfur United guys printed 100 shirts and printed the name of Mubarak Haggar Dougoum and his number on it and sell it through their webshop.
I love this project and the way it worked! Keep on going guys !

Dienstag, 9. April 2013


Sorbia during Europeada 2012 in Sorbia

This is an official match issued shirt of the Sorbia national team. The shirt was made for the Europeada 2012 which was hosted and won by the Sorbia team.

Sorbia is NOT the same as Serbia ! Sorbia is a cultural minority in the very East of Germany. There are about 60,000 Sorbs in Germany and they came and settled in the Eastern parts of Brandenburg and Saxony during the migration period between 400 and 800 AD. They are still living in those areas and have a strong cultural identity. This includes their own flag, national anthem and language (Srbja is the Sorbian word for Sorbia btw.). With Stanislaw Tillich Saxony is even ruled by a Sorb.
The capital of the Sorbian area (Bautzen) does have a bilingual town sign, which you can see in the picture below.
Well, thats enough of history for today. I am just happy to have this shirt sorted out now as the Sorbia team decided to do some more international friendlies in the future. This way they will be an important part of the non-FIFA world out there. The shirt was bought from the official fan shop of the Sorbia team, which do have an online shop (http://www.goalgetter-sportswear.de/).
They "just" offer a cheap version of this shirt, though. If you are interested in this shirt (which was produced for the player) you could try your luck contacting the shop on your own (or ask me ;) )


Alderney vs. Jersey (1:4) | Muratti Vase 2006

I got this amazing matchworn Alderney shirt from the Alderney national team player Andy Lawrence. Thanks a lot to him for sending me this shirt as a gift. Besides I need to thank Ed Stubbs for putting me in contact with him ! I really appreciate your help. This way my non-FIFA collection is steadily growing luckily.
I really love the advertise print , too: Bavaria Holland Beer ? Is it in Bavaria or in Holland ? Or is it from Matt Holland from Ireland who opened a brewery in Bavaria ? Or is it just a beer from China which tries to find a fancy name that sells better than "Huangzhou China Beer" ? Many open questions. If anybody knows this strange beer please give me a hint where it comes from ;)