Freitag, 23. September 2011


Jacek Krzynówek (Hannover 96 / Germany)
Poland vs Northern Ireland (1:1) | WC 2010 qualifier |  2010 in Poland

This is my new Poland shirt I got from Oliver as a gift. I like Poland a lot, as I got a lot of Polish friends here in Germany. So it is nice to finally own a shirt of Poland. Thanks again for this, Oliver ! When I finally found out how to turn pictures I will update this blog entry again ;)

Dienstag, 13. September 2011


Wei Feng Li (Shenzhen Ping'an)
China vs Germany (0:1) | friendly 2005 in Germany

This China shirt was again an ebay bargain. It cost me only 5,05 € + 2,50 € postage. So I had to go for it. I am not really a fan of the design but for this price I had to catch it. It came in XXL and so it is far to big for me :P


Unknown player
Albania 2004 - 2006

I got this boring Albania shirt from ebay for 30 € and I got another for my friend Oliver. They seem to be official and they feel very nice wearing it, but they are quite boring in design. Albania is one of the countries Germany has not the best memories to. In 1968 Germany did not qualify for a European Cup for the first and single one because they played only 0:0 against Albania. This game is historically know as the "Schmach von Tirana" in Germany.

Dienstag, 6. September 2011


El Hadji Diouf (Bolton Wanderers, England)
Senegal vs Liberia (6:1) | AFCON qualifier 2006 | 2006  in Senegal

I have no idea why this Senegal shirt looks so pink on the pictures but it is cleary white. They wore this design when they tried to qualify to the World Cup 2006 in Germany. After their best time in 2002 they missed the World Cup 2006. The guy on the picture is Rahmane Barry.


Wellington Sánchez (El Nacional)
Ecuador vs. Argentina (0:0) | Copa America 1997 in Bolivia

This Ecuador shirt was sold as matchworn by the Dutch ebay seller. Surprising to me it really seems to be true. Of course it is very beautiful even if the number is washed out a bit. I think this is my favourite shirt so far.


Thailand vs. Sri Lanka (3:0), WC 2002 qualifier, 2001 in Thailand

This Thailand shirt is also from the Dutch ebay shop. It is from 90s I guess, but I do not really know. It is from FBT and it looks kind of weired to me.


Malta vs Italy (0:6) | WC 1994 qualifier | 1993 in Italy

I got this rare Malta shirt (which has been worn 94-96) from a Dutch ebay shop together with the 4 shirts above. I am very sure that this shirt is official, but I cannot find a match picture of it. If you see one please leave a comment with the link. I like the lotto logo watermark all over the shirt a lot and I am proud to have a Malta shirt added to my collection now. This and the 4 shirts above cost me 105 € all together (including postage) which is quite fair.


Bhutan | Challenge Cup 2010 Qualifiers | 2009 in Maldives

 I got this very rare Bhutan shirt by Passang Tshering, a national team football player. He did send his shirt to Oliver and so he managed to send me the shirt of his friend Chimi, who plays for Bhutan, too. I love the colorful design of the shirt a lot and I know for 100 per cent that this is official and matchworn. Besides this Passang send me some pictures of Bhutan, which are very beautiful, too. I am very thankful to Passang for his help with this shirt.


Akwa (Al-Wakrah SC / Qatar)
Angola vs. Lesotho (3:1) | COSAFA Cup 2006 in Lesotho

I got this Angola shirt from Oliver as a swap with an Egypt shirt. I really like the bright colors of the shirt and it fits perfect to me. This is shirt is kind of historic as it was Olivers first shirt in his collection. His father baught it in Germany during the World Cup and now it made his way back to Germany. The last picture shows the shirt worn at the FIFA World Cup in Germany.