Montag, 25. Februar 2013


Raetia vs. St. Johns | Tynwald Hill Tournament 2013 on the Isle of Man
This is my official Raetia shirt finally arriving !
I am following the Raetia FA for a while now and got into a good contact with some of their FA members.
One of them, and I have to single him out here, is Yacine Azzouz. Yacine is really a very nice person and I am really happy that I had the opportunity to meet him (and other representatives of Raetia) at the NF-Board meeting in Munich.
Besides I am really happy that you brought this shirt for me (sorry to all my fellowers, they do not gift them, not even to me :P ).
I will definetly keep following the ways of Raetia and I am sure we will stay in close contact to organize matches against my friends from Heligoland and Cascadia or just to chat.
See you soon and thanks again guys !


Kurdistan vs Northern Cyprus (2:1) | VIVA WC 2012 final in Kurdistan
Thanks a lot to Mr Dr. Sarhang A. Abdullah from the Kurdistan FA ! I had been to the NF-Board General Assembly in Munich last weekend and thus met several non-FIFA representatives. One of them was Mr Dr. Sarhang A. Abdullah, who brought me this shirt as a gift. I am very happy with this shirts for a couple of reasons:
First it was a gift and I met new friends from Kurdistan, which I enjoy a lot. Besides they hosted the last VIVA World Cup in 2012 and so I am really happy to have their shirt. Another reason is that I am looking for this shirt for really a long while now without any success. Finally I got the chance to add this great shirt ! The last reason is that this shirt just has an amazing design ! I simply love the Kurdish flag which inspires this shirt.
Thanks Mr Sarhang and I really hope to keep in contact with you and your FA.

Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013


I really got an amazing piece of Polyester here ! It is the amazing new home shirt of the little Portuguese speaking African country Guinea-Bissau (yes, it is next to Guinea Conakry). Let me try to shortly sum up the history of this shirt:
In a match against Cameroun it has been worn on the pitch by number 6 ( I could not find out who this is) on the 16th of June 2012. 
I am in contact with a Portugal-based Guinea-Bissauian on Facebook for a long while now. He is leading some kind of fan group and knows all the players (who nearly all play in Portugal) personally. He never could help me to get a shirt. Some day he wrote me that their coach (Mr Manhica) is ill and needs an operation (and thus a flight to Lisbon). So they were selling one of the players shirts for charity. I won this auction for the shirt luckily. After talking to the guys organizing the charity I was promised to get a second shirt (for Nick). For now they "just" sent me 2 t-shirts of the charity which you can see below.

After about 2 weeks of silence they suddenly wrote me that the football shirt has been sent to me. Well a couple of days ago I found it in my post box and here it is:
As you can see a couple of players and the charity organizers signed it for me, too. It also has a personal greeting to me. This is definetly one of the greatest shirts I ever had and I am the happiest man on earth to get it :)