Freitag, 27. Januar 2012


Players Unknown
Yemen vs. Australia (U23 / 0:3) | 2012 Olympics Qualifiers | 2011 in Australia

Finally I got a Yemen shirt :) As far as I know for now I am the first collector who was able to make a contact to the Yemen. I sent a mail to the "German House" in Sanaa to get into contact here. They told me that all Germans left Sanaa right now, because of the Arabic Revolution. So they get me into contact with the only one left in the German House. A young Yemeni who grew up in Germany and works as a trainee there. He is very friendly and was really willing to help. So he checked 10 sport shops in Sanaa to find any shirts for me. Unfortnately most of them were closed due to the demonstrations and the most only sold fakes.
It was pretty hard to communicate with him, because internet in even energy supply is really bad in Sanaa these days. There are camel caravans that go to the city to sell wood to heat up the houses, as the energy supply breaks down every second day.
This is not normal for Sanaa, but in those troubling times there is nothing normal for them.
When my friend finally got the shirts and wanted to post them to me the post offices was closed because there was a demonstration just in front of the building. So it took another week until he was finally able to send those shirts.
I am pretty happy to get them now and I am really thankful for this guy helping me so much with this shirt !
He really deserves a big thank as he risked his health a couple of times for those catches.

About the shirt itself I cannot say as much. It is a Umbro template with the FA badge on it. You can see the red shirt above (and the shorts) and you can see more pictures of both shirts on
It is a bit funny that they seem to wear this template in different colors and combinations. In the above picture they wear the red shirt and the red shorts. On match pictures they wear the white and red shirts only with the white shorts. And on an Arabic page, that my Yemeni friend sent me, you can see they also got a white/green shirt of the same template:
All in all Yemens obviously love this template of a shirt and I love to hold it in my hands now :)

Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

Interview for

I made an Interview with the German football shirt community
It is available at:

I hope you like and maybe you can understand at least parts of it, as it is in German ;)

Thanks to for the great chance for promotion of collection.
Especially I want to thank Jan, who supports me even if I dont collect matchworn shirts ;)

Equatorial Guinea

Thierry Fidjeu-Tazemeta (Austria Klagenfurt / Austria)
Equatorial Guinea vs. Libya (0-1) | AFCON 2012 in Equatorial Guinea

After 8 month of mailing contact my Equatorial Guinea shirt finally arrived. It is a matchworn shirt worn by the player Thierry Fidjeu-Tazemeta from the World Cup Qualifier match against Madagascar.

Just before I started to collect all the 208 FIFA shirts I wanted to prepare myself for the CAN and get only a Equatorial Guinea shirt and a Gabon shirt. I thought it should be easy to get the host nations shirts.
So I found out that they are not available anywhere and wrote a mail to the management of the player.
As he played in Austria for a long time his management is German speaking and I asked them for a shirt.
Well, they just replied about 4 month later that they will ask him for a shirt.
Again 3 month later I got a mail that they really got the shirt of the player and they will send it for me if I pay them the shipment price.
Of course I did pretty far and now I got this beauty of a shirt right before the CAN will start on Saturday.
Thanks a lot Mr Fidjeu-Tazemeta !!!

Montag, 16. Januar 2012

continental maps

I just colored this maps today. Red means that I am still searching for those shirts and Green means that I already got shirts of them. I will update them from time to time probably.

Samstag, 14. Januar 2012


Emmanuel Adebayor (AS Monaco / France)
Togo vs. France (0-2) | WC 2006 in Germany

I love this Togo shirt Oliver sent me. I already got a fake version of this shirt twice. They wore it during their only World Cup participation 2006 in Germany.


Vladimirs Koļesņičenko (FK Ventspils)
Latvia vs. Israel (1:1) | WC 2010 qualifer | 2008 in Latvia

This Latvia shirt is from Oliver, too. Pretty boring design of a pretty boring team. They just entered a Euro once (and played 0:0 against Germany). After this match German team got totally rebuild and now we will win 2012 ;)


Kevin Ochieng (Mathare United)
Kenya vs. Zimbabwe (2:0) | WC 2010 qualifiers | 2008 in Kenya

I am pretty happy with this Kenya shirt Oliver sent me. It looks absolutely legit which is pretty rare with Kenya shirts :D They never qualified for a world cup as far as I know and they are not even qualified for the CAN 2012. Nevertheless I love every African shirt.


Ivelin Popov (Litex Lovetch)
Bulgaria vs. Wales (1:0) | EURO 2012 qualifier | 2010 in Wales

This is Olivers favorite team and favorite shirt as we all know. He has a couple of them and sent me the one he does not like anymore. Well, I like it a lot. Bulgaria used to be one of the best eastern European teams, but then they engaged Lothar Matthäus...


Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter / Italy)
Sweden vs. Greece (2:0) | EURO 2008 in Austria

Thanks Oliver a lot for this beauty ! I love Sweden and I always bet on them when they participate on big tournaments. I was in Sweden twice, so I learned some really important Swedish vocabulare like "Kal mjölk", which means cold milk :D I hope they will have a successful tournament in Poland and Ukraine next year ! And thanks to this shirt I can cheer for them in the right colours now.


Unknown Player
Qatar vs. Bahrain (1:1) | WC2010 qualifiers | 2008 in Qatar

This one is obviously one of the coolest shirts Oliver sent me. I like the Qataris and it seems to me that I am the only guy in the world who is happy that they got the World Cup. I think every region deserves to get a chance to host a World Cup, and probably Qatar is the only Arabic country that can finance such an event. Besides they are not worse than South Africa I think.


Michaël Chrétien Basser (AS Nancy / France)
Morocco vs. Ghana (0:2) | AFCON 2008 in Ghana

This Morocco shirt came from Oliver, too. I am quite to get it just before the CAN starts next week. I am a big fan of African football, but to be honest, not of the Maghreb teams. Nevertheless the shirt is pretty cool and I have never seen a Royal Football Association before.