Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2019

Ivory Coast 4

Didier Drogba (Shanghai Shenshua | China)
vs. Nigeria (1:2) | 2013 African Cup in South Africa
I am a massive fan of African international football and rarely, if ever, miss any African Cup match. Once you get deeper into it, you naturally have your favorites and teams that start to annoy you. Ivory Coast, to me, is surely the latter. Like Senegal, they always seem to be a team full of top stars, judging by the squad clear favorites to go far. However, in most African Cups I have seen, they completely fail to convince me in the end. They just rarely played a  "beautiful" game, although the results are usually not bad. It is hard to find arguments for it, but I was always a Black Star when it came to the tournament favorites.

Nevertheless, they do have beautiful kits and Puma is doing a great job with them for nearly a decade now. This one, as much as the sad lion of Cameroon, is the worst Puma shirt they got, in my opinion, but it is still a much better shirt than any their oppositions ever sported.
I got this one, again, shopping sales in German football shirt shops and was thus set back only 12,99€ by it.

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