Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

Central African Republic

Kelly Youga (AFC Wimbledon / England)
Central African Republic vs South Africa (0:3) | WC 2014 qualifiers
2013 in Central African Republic
 This one is absolutely amazing! I know some of you got the fake Central African shirts from Australia, but here is the original! And it is not only legit, it is matchworn, came with shorts and is from the brightest star of Central African football: Kelly Youga (see envelope).
I am in contact with him for a while and he just saved me this shirt from his latest match against Botswana.
"Les Fauves" always have been one of my favorite teams in Africa, especially after their amazing qualification campaign for the African Cup of Nations 2012: Beating Algeria 2:0 and drawing 0:0 against Morocco twice! I think they are constantly improving and I am sure they will appear at an African Cup of Nations sooner than most people would expect them.
Unfortunately they failed to qualifiy for Brazil 2014 as they got an amazingly tough qualifier group with 3 teams that played the African Cup of Nations 2013: Botswana, Ethiopia and South Africa. After starting with a 2:0 win over Botswana they failed to win more matches unfortunately.
The shirt and shorts are just brilliant, thanks loads Kelly, I love them and I am really happy that I got into contact with you! I always enjoy our chats a lot, too. THANKS


Finland vs. Wales (1:1) | WC 2014 qualifier | 2013 in Wales
Loads of thanks go again for my Greek mate Alex Savvides ! This sweet Finland shirt was part of the second parcel he sent me. This parcel cost a ridicolous 60 AUD for shipment! And even more ridicolous: I took 2 month till I can hold it in my hands finally ! Sure, the shirts made once around the globe. But why do you offer this very price express service if it takes the same time as walking over to Australia by feet !
To the shirt: Well, just simple, but nice. A usual Adidas template in white.

Samstag, 1. Juni 2013


Thomas Beck (FC Bad Ragaz / Switzerland)
Liechtenstein vs. Switzerland (0:3) | friendly 2006 in Liechtenstein
The smallest German-speaking country in the world found its way to my wardrobe finally ! Even if I am concentrating on AFC shirts these days I could not ignore that one when it popped up on German ebay. The FA used to sell it for 100 Swiss Franken and I got it for only 26,55€ on German ebay :)
As I said before in the Lebanon post I hate shirts with the country name printed on the back. Well, for this shirt I could found a use for it at least. I showed the front to my girlfriend and said: "Guess what it is?". She go it right and I just had to turn the shirt to make her smile ;)
Is that why they do it ?


Roda Antar (SC Freiburg / Germany)
Lebanon vs. Maldives (2:0) | WC 2006 qualifier | 2004 in Lebanon
Well, not much to say about this shirt. It is a cheap quality and simple Lebanon shirt. It was bought on ebay for exactly 10,08€ and I am not sure if it is legit. I could not find a picture of exactly that shirt, so any help is welcome. At least A-Line used to supply the Lebanese FA for a long time.
One more remark about that one: I absolutely HATE shirt designers or shops that print the countries name on the back of the shirt. I mean what is the logo for then ? That is just stupid and I never got the sense of it. For this shirt it is extraordinary stupid as the Logo is even saying "Lebanon FA".