Dienstag, 5. Februar 2019

Belgium 3

Pascal Rennier (Club Brugge)
vs. Germany (1:2) | friendly 1995 in Belgium
This matchworn Belgium is a reminder to my failing mind to keep blogging, sorting and catalogizing my shirts carefully! I completely forgot that I already had a matchworn Belgium shirt (see latest post) and thus felt the urge to finally get one, to tick Belgium off as a country I possess a matchworn shirt of.

In a bundle with the latest Albania shirt posted, I paid 105€ including shipping. Like the Albania shirt, this Belgium kit comes from a Germany Under 21 international, who swapped this shirt after the match with his Belgium counterpart. To be fair, this 1994-1996 is a beauty and a classical vintage design of that period, so I probably would have bought it anyways, but I understand anyone (most notably: my wife) who argues that is a bit pointless to buy two under-21 matchworn Belgiums within a year...

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