Freitag, 20. Juli 2012


Fiji vs. Vanuatu (2:0 or 1:2) | friendly 2011 in Fiji

This is the last shirt of the OFC load coming straight from Brad. So the OFC is now finished except for New Zealand !


OFC again, so again Brads brilliant work here.

American Samoa

American Samoa vs. Tuvalu

Again all credits go to my friend Brad who sorted this one out. Thanks a lot mate !

Cook Islands

Cook Islands at the OFC U17 Championships in 2013

I really have to thank Brad for this shirt ! As I have to thank him for all the OFC shirts following to this post.
I got into contact (after forwarded about ten times) with the supplier of all the OFC shirts (Lotto). Unfortunately after 3 mails they decided to never answer again. Their last message: "Yes we have all OFC shirts and sell to Europe".
A couple of month later Brad read this in our shirt collectors forum and asked me for the contact and I have still no idea how Brad did it, but they sold him the shirts ! He somehow wrote them magically nice words so they fell in love with charming Brad or something :P Anyways, Florence from Lotto NZ decided to send out the shirts to Brad (well after she mixed up numbers she sent them to his neighbor instead) and he forwarded them.
Well...THANKS again Brad. Just amazing work !

Freitag, 13. Juli 2012


Today I got a parcel from the German embassy in Dushanbe/Tajikistan. An Attache of the embassy got a shirt for me about 5 month ago and he just traveled to Germany now and brought the shirt with him and posted it out to me. The shirt has a nice powerful red colour and a fine badge of course. Besides the embassy attached a little greeting card to it.

UPDATE: The above mentioned red shirt was given to my mate Nick when I received another one. The German-Tajik Alexander Frank, who played in Tajikistan at the time he sent me a shirt, got one from one of his teammates at Istiqlol. Thanks a lot again for that one Alexander!
This, new, shirt is also the one depicted above.

Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012


Amer Deeb (Al-Faisaly FC / Saudi Arabia)
Jordan vs. Iraq (1:1) | WC 2014 qualifiers | 2012 in Jordan
Thanks a lot to my former boss and friend Hamido ! Hamido is a friend of mine and was  my boss at my old institute. He is from Jordan and he offered me to get an Jordan shirt about a year ago. Unfortunately some friends of him did not bring him a shirt when they visited him before. Now he had a three week trip to Jordan and found one in the end ! He said that there were only one single shop that sold this official shirt, but at least he found one in the end. I am really happy to have this now and I love the decent design of it a lot !


This one is a really interesting shirt of the Northern Italian region of Cilento. I got this shirt as a gift from Caciotto Antonio. The design looks a bit like Argentina but a bit more pale. Nice idea in my eyes !

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico vs. Honduras (2:2)
WC2010 qualifier | 2008 in Puerto Rico
This time I have to thank Enrique from Mexico! He got this pretty boring Puerto Rico shirt directly from the FA. Well, to be honest, the shirt seems to be of a low quality and the design is not very cool, but hey, it is a Puerto Rico shirt ;)


Botswana vs. Lesotho (3:0) | friendly 2012 in Botswana

Another beauty and another rarity came from Nick this week. I really love the Zebras design made by the local brand "All Kasi". I asked Nick to send me a Botswana shirt as a swap and was really happy that he sent me this sweet design. Unfortunately the Botswanan team decided to not wear this beauty on their first apparence on a major tournament earlier this year....

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda vs. USA (1:3)
WC 2014 Qualifier 2014 in USA

Damn, what a beauty of a shirt ! I love this design! As yellow is my favorite colour, this one is probably my favorite shirt so far (well at least it is one of the best ! ). Thanks a lot to Joe from Aberdeen for sorting out this beauty ! I really appreciate your help again. You are just the best ;)

Slovenia 2

Miran Pavlin (FC Porto / Portugal)
Slovenia vs. Paraguay (1:3) | WC 2002 in Japan
I got a couple of those Slovenia shirts as they popped up suddenly on ebay for a good price. I have still 6 of them left and lying around. So if anybody is interested in those shirts, just let me know !