Dienstag, 5. Februar 2019

Cameroon 5

Joel Matip (Schalke 04 | Germany)
vs. Tunisia (0:0) | World Cup 2014 qualifier | 2013 in Tunisia
Yip, you guessed it, this is another shirt that came through the sales of African shirts across various German online shops. Thus, this Cameroon kit set me back only 12,99€, which is great value for money. And yes, that is the main reason I just bought a fifth Cameroon shirt, and the fourth replica, indeed.

However, this design is certainly "special" and I don't mean that particularly positive. I am usually a great fan of the Puma African series and all of my former Cameroon shirts, but this one is a different cup of tea. First of all, the full sublimation print does make the shirt appear quite...cheap, if you ask me. Secondly, the team is nicknamed "Les Lions Indomtables" or the indomitable lions. However, the lion print on this shirt looks like the saddest, least powerful or wild and thus, very domitabled. It is a bit like taking thee of the following lads for the next English shirt:

Bildergebnis für cute lion comic

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