Sonntag, 28. August 2011


Mohammed Zidan (Borussia Dortmund / Germany)
Egypt vs. Algeria (4:0) | AFCON 2010 in Angola

I got 2 of this Egypt shirts in sizes M and XL for 22,69 € + 5 € postage. One of them I send directly to England, to Oliver Wells, who sended me a Angola shirt in the other direction. Of course I will upload this later, when it arrives here in Germany. I like this shirt because of the little Pharao at the shoulder. As Egypt did neither qualify for the last World Cup nor for the next African Cup we wont hear a lot of the Pharaos in the next years.


Nwankwo Kanu (left, West Bromwich Albion / England)
Nigeria 2005 - 2006

This is one of the thousands simply green Nigeria shirt. On the picture you can see Enarkahire and Nwankwo Kanu wearing it. I think that this shirt is definitely one of the most boring African shirts, as it does not change over the years or even decades. Of course I got it from ebay and it cost me 5,07 € + 1,45 € postage.


Johan Vonlanthen (NAC Breda / Netherlands)
Switzerland 2005-2006

I got this simply red shirt from ebay, too. It cost me 5,50 € + 2,90 €, which is pretty cheap. As I like the Swiss team a lot and really love their weird language I am very happy about this shirt. On the last picture you can see Johan Vonlanthen, who is probably one of the most talented Swiss players. I hope they will qualify for Poland 2012.


Adrian Mutu (Fiorentina / Italy)
Romania vs. Italy (1:1) | EURO 2008 in Switzerland

I really like this Romania shirt, because the yellow-blue is my favorite colour-combination. I love colourful shirts like this and the Romanian  team did quite well in the years they wore this shirt. The last picture is showing Adrian Mutu during the European Cup 2008 in Austria and Switzerland. I got this shirt again from ebay and it cost me 5,50 € + 2,20 € postage. So it was even quite cheap. As it comes with all signs I am sure that is official.


Ronaldo (Inter Mailand / Italy)
Brazil vs Germany (2-0), WC 2002 final in Japan

This Brazil shirt of the glorious times where Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos ruled the football world was another ebay bargain. I won the auction with 7 € + 3 € postage. As Brazil shirts normally go for 20+ € I had to go for it.

Sonntag, 14. August 2011


Rauf Aliyev (Qarabag Agdam)
Azerbaijan vs Belgium (1:4) | EURO 2012 Qualifiers | 2011 in Belgium

This is the latest Azerbaijan shirt and I am very proud to own one of this rare shirts. I got from Dr Eike van Alste, the team medic of the Azerbaijan national team. He is German, as the coach Berti Vogts is, and so I could  get a very nice contact to him on Facebook. Thanks a lot again for this rare and beautiful shirt. It is probably the best one in my collection till now. I was very surprised that it even came with a name and number printed and loved this a lot.



Frank Lampard (FC Chelsea)
England vs Croatia (2:3) | EURO 2008 qualifiers | 2008 in England

As the most big European football nations England is kind of uninspired with their shirts and they look nearly the same every year. In my eyes this shirt is the only British home shirt I know which has some very cool details which makes this boring white shirt to a beauty. Thats why I went for this shirt on ebay. I had to pay only 6 € + 4,10 € postage, so the price was pretty good, too.


Denmark 2008-2009

This is not only a Danish shirt, but a keepers shirt and so something special to me as it my first keepers shirt. I got it via ebay for 5,50 € + 4,50 € postage and so it was a bargain, too. It came from the same seller as the Hong Kong and so it is 100% official as it comes with all the signs of Adidas and even in foil.


Karim Ziani (VfL Wolfsburg / Germany)
Algeria vs. Egypt (0:4) | AFCON 2010 in Angola

I am very happy about this shirt, because I really like the design with the little Fennek on the shoulder. I got this shirt from Oliver Wells as a swap for a Hong Kong shirt. It is obviously official and in my opinion one of the most beautiful shirts I got. Thanks a lot again Oliver

Dienstag, 9. August 2011


David Silva (FC Valencia)
Spain vs Switzerland (0:1) | WC 2010 in South Africa

As I did not only wanted to get the hosts shirt of South Africa shown above but also the World Cup winners shirt I bought this shirt before the World Cup 2010, too. I bought it in the same online shop as the South Africa shirt. I printed my favourite player, the little Silva, on the back and it also came with the Qualifiers badges. I really love this shirt, as it is very colourful and full of details. Another point is that my oracle that Spain will win got really true. But of course Spain is probably the best team in the world right now, so my winning probability was quite high with this shirt.