Samstag, 30. Juni 2012

meeting Oliver

Today I did a short daytrip to Hilden, which is about 40 minutes (by car) away from my home village.
I really appreciate to finally met one of my lot shirt collecting freak friends in real life !
We arrived around 1 pm and Oliver had about 2 hours break so we had enough time for some talks, a German Bratwurst and looking the other matches. He was there for a local tournament with his club team Warrington Town AFC and thus brought me a shirt of his team as a gift. I pretty like the design, as yellow is still my favorite colour.
Me and Sabrina enjoyed the time with you Oliver, see you soon !

Freitag, 29. Juni 2012


Sapmi during VIVA World Cup 2005 in Sapmi

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you the most amazing, colourful and good looking shirt in my collection for now ! A big thanks goes to the Swedish (and Sápmi) referee Per-Anders Blind who somehow managed to get this shirt for me ! He works as a referee for the Swedish FA and for the NF-Board and thus led some games of the VIVA World Cup 2012 in Kurdistan, too. He did not have a shirt of the Sápmi anyways but he promised to do his best to get one for me and here it is ! After a couple of weeks he was amazingly able to get one of the original shirts of the Sápmi team and send it to me.
As I already said I simply love this design. It is even smarter and more colourful than the Swazi design I have. And look how cool it looks when the whole Sápmi team wears it.
Please do not annoy Mr Blind now as he is not able to get hold of loads of those shirt for you all !

Samstag, 23. Juni 2012


I got this wonderful and damn cute Padania shirt from Mr Rischio from Padania. I really love this design, especially the cute little birdy with the Italian flag on his shirt :D And it has amazingly both VIVA World Cup badges on its sleeves ! Padania entered VIVA World Cup in 2008, 2009 (where the badges are from) and 2010 and won them all ! So it is nice to have this big non-FIFA powerhouse in my collection now :)


Monaco vs. Callas (3:2) | friendly match 2010 in Monaco
Here is finally another non-FIFA and NF-Board shirt ! I got this shirt directly from a contact at the Monaco FA. It is a matchworn shirt of their last game and he just sells the last (about 10) shirts now. I was lucky enough to even get one of those ! The design is really cool, but not especially made for Monaco. As a proof I made some pictures of a shirt of my girlfriend, which I bought her as a present a year ago. It is a matchworn shirt of the 1.FC Köln ladies team with signatures of the whole team ! Pretty amazing shirt I got for her ;) As you see it is exactly the same (and very nice) white/red striped design !


Samuel Wilson (Real Estelí)
Nicaragua vs. Honduras (1:4) | U23 friendly 2011 in Honduras

Thanks a lot to my Mexican friend Enrique, who got this Nicaraguan shirt for me ! Obviously it is a pretty unspectacular shirt, but it is a rare find of him ! So I am really happy to get this Nicaraguan shirt straight from Central America. Unfortunately my camera somehow auto deleted the details pictures and I could not find any pictures of the shirt in use. I will add both later probably.

Montag, 11. Juni 2012


This shirt came NOT from Nick ;) It is an Island Games shirt, too and it comes directly from Åland. To be more precise it comes from the Åland Island Games Association. After the Football Federation told me that it is impossible to ever get a shirt, the IGA helped me. They sent me an old shirt of an unknown season, but when I compare it with the newest shirt (on the last picture) I am sure that it is legit.

Isle of Man

Calum Morrissey (Saint George AFC)
Isle of Man vs. Jersey
Those are probably the most colorful, and thus most beautiful, of the new shirts I got. Again it is a shirt of an Island Games Association and the last pic is taken at this tournament !


Again all my thanks go to Nick ! He sent me this amazing matchworn Samoa shirt as a swap for my matchworn Madagascar shirt. It is not that spectacular, but it is a Samoa shirt ;)
Unfortunately I did not find a picture of it worn in a match, but I am sure it was worn !


Shetland Islands at the Island Games

Thanks again to Nick to help me with this shirt. It is the official shirt of the Shetland team, which uses to play at the Island Games, too. In the last picture you can see it in action.


Jersey vs. Guernsey

Together with my friend Nick I sorted out some non-FIFA shirts a couple of weeks ago. As most of them were British Islands Nick bought some of them and forwarded them now to me.
This Jersey shirt is one of those. On the last (little) picture you can see the team wearing it.


Anguilla vs. Cuba 2013 (0:6)
CFU 2013 U20 womens Cup in Jamaica

Thanks a lot to Eric for sorting out this beatuy of a shirt. And thanks a lot to Nick for forwarding it to me. I really love the little hopping dolphins a lot, even if there is no proof that the male team ever wore this shirt for now.

Freitag, 1. Juni 2012


Brunei U21 after winning the 2012 Hassan Bolkiah trophy in Brunei

First of all thanks a lot to zenther from Thailand for selling this shirt ! And of course a big thanks go to Joe for buying this one for me as a swap. As yellow is my favorite colour I like this shirt of course. Besides I think the shirt is a bit more than a simple Puma template, which is pretty amazing for such a small country.
Since I was a young guy I am really amazed by this small country and especially by their leader Hassanal Bolkiah. He used to be te richest man in the world a couple of years and he has the biggest collection of sport cars in the world and one of the largest yachts in the world.
I don't know if the players earn that much, too, but they do not belong to the big players in international football...