Donnerstag, 17. November 2011


Swaziland in 2005

This is by far the most beautiful shirt I got for my collection so far ! I was lucky to get into contact with Linoh Magagula who is the secretary of the Technical Committee of the Swaziland FA. He is a very kind and helpful guy and so I organized a swap with him. I send him a brand new Liverpool shirt, an Ukraine shirt and some gifts for his two sons. For this I got this beauty of a shirt. I really wish him and the Shilangu all the best in the future an I am really thankful to get to know Mr Magagula. Besides the shirt he attached some WC 2010 stamps of Swaziland on the parcel. As I collected stamps before I collect shirts now, I really appreciate this a lot, too. I just attached them to my huge stamp collection :)

Donnerstag, 3. November 2011


Bangladesh vs. India (0:1) | in England 2000

This is the Bangladesh shirt of the Sapphire series. I think with this shirt my Sapphire collection is complete :)
I thought that Bangladesh shirts are impossible to get, but it seems to be very easy and cheap to get them in UK.


Bangladesh vs. India (0:1) | in England 2000

This shirt Oliver bought for me on It was pretty cheap, like all the Sapphire shirts. Somehow I like the Sapphire design. But the shirt has a weired size. Its arms are made for elephants legs obviously :P


Samuel Eto'o (FC Barcelona / Spain)
Cameroon vs. Angola (3:1) | AFCON 2006 in Egypt

Again this shirt came from Warrington. Oliver did really made it to do 3 shirts in 1 single parcel. A lot of respect for this mate ;)
I was not really sure if the shirt is official, but then I got a simple proof.
In the following picture you can see the big black puma sign which is all over the shirt and even bigger than the shirt. This is an 100 % proof for me ;)

Trinidad & Tobago

Dwight Yorke (Sydney FC / Australia)
Trinidad & Tobago vs. England (0:2), WC 2006 in Germany


Another shirt from Oliver here. I really loved the Trinidad team during the World Cup and they got some very good UK based players like the Stoke City striker Kenwyne Jones. Unfortunately they did not make it out of the group stage. One reason for this was the ugly scene of Crouch you can see in the above video.


Anatoliy Tymoshchuk (Zenit St. Petersburg / Russia)
Ukraine vs. Cyprus (1:1) | friendly 2008 in Cyprus

This shirt again came from my best English friend Oliver :) Each time I get a parcel of him I got this mixed feelings. On the one hand I am really happing to get all those shirts but on the other hand to loose one of the nicest collectors mates.
There is not much to say about the shirt. It is of course official and it looks quite smart. As yellow is my favourite colour I really like that shirt. Besides this the Ukraine FA logo looks quite cool for me.

UPDATE: On the 15. November of 2014 I was in Luxembourg to see their EURO 2016 qualifier match vs. Ukraine. Of course I brought my Ukraine shirt with me and got it signed by a few players after the match.


Siniša Dobrašinović (Alki Larnaca)
Cyprus vs. Portugal (4:4) | EURO 2012 qualifier | 2010 in Portugal

I got this wonderful Cyprus shirt on ebay. It was sold as matchworn in a game against Germany. I do not really believe in this and think it is a marketing strategy as German would pay more on this probably if it where worn against Germany. Nevertheless the shirt is very nice and it cost me only 26,05 € + 6,00 € for postage, which is quite a good price. As it fits me perfectly I will probably wear it often.