Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

Netherlands Antilles

Netherlands Antilles vs. Guyana (1:2)
CONCACAF U20 Cup qualifiers 2011
Again this shirt came from Nick and again it is a Beltona shirt. As the Netherlands Antilles are the direct predecessors of Curacao in the FIFA they had the same manufacturer. I was on a good track for Curacao and Netherlands Antilles shirts for a while and had a lot of phone calls with Remco Bicentini, the last coach of the Netherlands Antilles football national team. Well, in the end Nick had been quicker to get them, what I appreciate a lot !

One question is still unanswered to me: Why do you call them "Netherlands Antilles" and not "Dutch Antilles" ???


Montserrat vs. Belize (1:3) | WC 2014 qualifier | 2011 in Montserrat

Yeah you read it right, it is MONTSERRAT. This tiny little island that belongs to the UK. Thanks to Nick and his contacts I got this amazing shirt. It is pretty muddy, so it seems to be matchworn or at least trainworn. I quite like the simple design, even though it looks as a Celtic Glasgow shirt.
I really appreciate Nicks help a lot as it just seemed to be impossible for me to ever get this shirt !


Way Nuelson
Curacao vs. Haiti (2:2) | WC 2014 qualifiers | 2011 in Haiti

This pretty simple plain white shirt from the national team of Curacao, which is a Dutch colony in the Carribean sea, came from my mate Nick. I like that the logo text seems to be in some kind of Carribean Dutch and says Korsou instead of Curacao and that the manufacturer is Beltona, which I never heard before. On the other hand it is a shame that the design is that boring. The Curacaoans (or however you call them) would deserve a more flashing shirt ;)


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce one of the rarest shirts out there ! After nearly one year of research I finally found this Somalia shirt. I posted in several forums, blogs, Facebook groups and so on to get any contacts to Somalians. After one year a guy added me and told me that a friend of him sells the shirt. This guy is Ahmed Farah, who is a Somalian living in Denmark. I am really happy that Ahmed helped me to get a load of those shirts ! Unfortunately I could not find any pictures of one of those design used on the pitch,  but they look really legit to me. If anybody out there could help me out with match pictures let me know !