Sonntag, 14. August 2016


I can finall add a Sudan shirt to my collection, but unfortunately I am not able to give you a picture of it in use. The history behind this shirt is a bit quirky and indeed one of the stories that make collecting such pieces of polyester so amazing!
Let me try to recap that story somehow. A friend of mine, fellow German collector Chris H., got in touch with the Australian Luke through me. Luke is actually the owner of AMS Clothing, the sport apparel brand that recently equipped South Sudan, amongst others, with their official shirts. Earlier this year Luke planned to travel to Juba, South Sudan, to meet the FA (and FIFA president Infantino) in person. Before he went off, Chris H. asked him to arrange him a club shirt from South Sudan and Sudan and, for me, a Sudan national team shirt. Luke again contacted a few players if there is any way to get hold of such shirts and found support by Atak Lual, a South Sudanese international, who played for the U21 of Sudan before the independence of the South. So Atak brought the shirt from Sudan to Juba and handed it over to Luke in person. Luke again took it to Australia and send it to my mate in Berlin, who again sent it to me.
A truly global spanning mission to get me a Sudan shirt ended and made me extremely happy to fill another, extremely hard, gap in my collection.

Unfortunately I was unable to find a picture of this particular shirt in use by the Sudanese U21. However, Sudan used a couple of different shirts of the manufacturer "Hattrick" some years ago. But to be fair, there is no proof needed for me. This insane story is so bizarre and actually true that I do not have a single doubt about it.
I gratefully thank Atak, Luke and Chris H for their support!

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