Freitag, 26. August 2016

El Salvador

Xavier Garcia (CD FAS)
El Salvador vs. Costa Rica (1:1) | Gold Cup 2015 | 2015 in USA
While it is extremely easy to get a shirt of the "La Selecta" it is extremely hard to get a an original shirt of them. Especially the US-American eBay is seriously flooded with about 100 fakes at any time.
After many years of looking out for an El Salvador shirt I recently finally found one for as little as 33€ including shipping. Actually I bought a totally different design of the team, but the seller made a listing mistake and was out of stock with this older design. Fair enough, he offered to send me their latest shirts, which he usually sells for about double the price.
Unfortunately El Salvador stopped having amazing sublimated prints all over the shirt and turned to a design, which could be friendly described as "classic", or boring.

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