Samstag, 27. August 2016

Bhutan 2

Man Bahadur Gurung (Thimphu City)
Bhutan vs. Afghanistan (0:3) | SAFF Cup 2015 | 2015 in India
Like my first Bhutan shirt, this one is matchworn during the SAFF Cup, a regional Southern Asian Championship played every other year. Once again Bhutan did lose all their group stage matches (including a 0:3 vs. Afghanistan, pictured above) this time (2015), just like they did 6 years earlier (2009).
Again like my first shirt this one is the amazingly orange coloured home outfit, this time made by Ego Sport, a Chinese sports apparel manufacturer.
Straight from Bhutan my fellow German collector Andreas bought this shirt and got it send to him, before swapping it with me. While I did not really have a strong need to add, I just couldn't resist and looking to the blogs of my mates Joe, Eric or Nick I have to ask: Which collector ever could!

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