Samstag, 27. August 2016

Cambodia 2

Sok Rithy (Nagaworld FC)
Cambodia vs. Singapore (0:4) | WC 2018 qualifier | 2015 in Cambodia
I will not go into detail about this shirt. Actually you could write books about this shirt and it's legitimicy. As others did that before, I will just leave it. Just in short: As you see, this one has an additional FA logo on it, compared to the picture of Nagaworlds superstar Mr. Sok above.
I personally count this shirt at least as an "official replica" as my friend Martin F. bought it in the official fansho (the only one!) in Phnomh Penh. The shop is a FBT shop inside the national stadium and is listed as official on the homepage of the Cambodian FA.
Thanks Martin for bringing this great shirt with you for the bargain of about 20€ once again!

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