Samstag, 27. August 2016

Comoros 2

Comoros vs. Botswana (1:0) | CAF 2017 qualifier | 2016 in Comoros
Sometimes in the life of a shirt collector thing happen that are simultaneously absolutely wonderful and in the same time quite cruel. When maana sport designed this awesome shirt and made it publicly available through a France-based webshop it was like Christmas and Easter falling on the same day to me. I mean, look at this beauty! Compare it to the dull first Comoros shirt I have. It is simply an amazing shirt and it is amazing that shirts of a not-so-powerhouse in Africa is now easily available.
On the other side it kind of devaluates my first Comoros shirt. But seriously, I don't mind. We all know that I would never sell it anyways!
I cannot do this post without mentioning the above pictured match. It was the first match Comoros won for ages, mainly thanks to a ridicolous rainfall, which can be guessed on the above picture. Actually there was about 10cm of water on the pitch!

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