Freitag, 26. August 2016



Gino Mulder (Quick den Haag, NED)
Aruba vs. Antigua & Barbuda 2:1 | Carribean Cup 2017 qualifiers | 2016 in Barbuda
Bam! Finally I can tick another box! This Aruba shirt was available for quite a while already in the offical Admiral online shop. I though one was ordered for me already, but then found out that I was left out from a bulk order for some unknown reason.
So I had to take initative on my own. As Admiral does ship to Italy, but not to Germany, for whatever reasons, I had to ask my Canadian mate Eric for help. Of course he was willing to assist once again, as he always perfectly does with all the CONCACAF members. Thanks loads again for that mate!
For no particular reason I chose the number 7 of Gino Mulders, who is earning his money in Den Haag, even though for semi-pro "Quick" and not the much bigger ADO. As the national team never has names printed on the shirt I obviously decided to not have a name as well.
The design is perfectly colourful and as yellow/skyblue was always by far my favorite colour combination, I am truly in love with the shirt. I am still looking for a good reason for the red numbering, though. Any ideas?

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