Freitag, 26. August 2016

Nigeria 2

Benedict Akwuegbu (Grazer AK, AUT)
2000, unknown match
Again this Nigeria shirt is an upgrade to the already existing one, as it, other than the first one, a matchworn piece. It came directly from Benedict Akwuegbu, who had a suitcase of old shirts at home and sold them through a good friend, who again is a shirt collector and contacted me about it. Of course I couldn't resist and took the opportunity as it is definitely not easy at all to get hold of any worn shirts from the bigger African nations!
Just like Akwuegbu I personally spent a few years of my professional life in the tiny sleepy city of Siegen, so we do have something in common. On the other, looking to Benedicts vita which includes jobs from Basingstoke, Harelbeke, Beijing and Kärnten, probably everyone finds a place he shared with him for a while.
All my thanks go to Patrick for selling off Benedicts shirt and helping me to get hold of this vintage masterpiece!

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