Montag, 2. Oktober 2017

Guinea 2

Unknown Player
vs. Ivory Coast (3:2) | Jeux de la Francophony 2017 in Ivory Coast
Another shirt supplier making its debut in my collection: Sindio Sports! Sindio is a small company founded and run by a Senegalese in Belgium. He is doing an amazing job on the design front and, unlike many of his African competitors, the shirts are well available online. Unfortunately, though, they are experiencing the hassles of equipping African teams and several of them, like Liberia, decided to never wear their shirts.
Guinea, though, decided to give it a try and equipped the Syli that played the Francophony Games in Ivory Coast earlier this year. The team did not make it out of the group stage in this bizarre tournament of French-speaking countries, but they were surely one of the best suited!
Thanks to Sindio and their great CEO for selling this shirt to me without the "GUINEE" print on the front (as it is offered on the webshop) - I really appreciate it a lot and love my new Guinea kit, especially as the Sily were always my favorite team in Africa, as you can read on the post of my first Guinea shirt.

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