Montag, 2. Oktober 2017


Unknown Player
vs. South Africa (unknown result or match)
Finally, I can tick off another country from the list, once again thanks to my mate Nick, who found this spare shirt of the Mena from equipper Tovio. The shirt, which even has my size, is a flag shirt featuring the Nigrienne flag in a waving fashion all over it. As every friend of football shirts and vexilology, I do obviously love flag shirts the most and thus am more than pleased with this one!
Tovio is a very dodgy supplier from Burkina Faso, which used to offer some fine designed shirts of various Western African countries. They did offer to sell the shirts, but they only spoke colloquial French, answered once a month and after two messages asked me to WesternUnion to some individual in Burkina Faso.
Well, I was sceptical and skipped that. Nick did not, but wired the money indeed. They never confirmed them that they received the money or answered any of his mails and messages - but some 9 months later, he suddenly had the shirt in his post box. I am so happy he went through that, also for my benefit. I love it, thanks Nick!

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