Samstag, 6. Februar 2016


Another shirt that has a strange story behind it. This Mauritania shirt was offered in shops in Noukchott and definitely comes straight from the FA. However, they failed to sell it out and returned some of their shirts to the maker, Adidas. Adidas again saw only one chance to get rid off those pieces of polyester and put them in their outlet shop for a bargain price.
There it was purchased by a fellow collector, who sold it to me again for as little as 25€, shipping included already.
I am not sure if Mauritania ever used this shirt in any official match, but as it is a design that was advertised and sold by the Mauritanian FA it is as "good as it can get" currently and, together with the other Mauritania shirt I have, I can finally definitely consider Mauritania as "done"!

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