Montag, 1. Februar 2016

Georgia 2

Croatia vs. Georgia (1:0) | U21 Euro 2017 qualifiers | 2015 in Croatia
I am always especially eager to get matchworn shirt of countries that I visited in person for obvious reasons. I somehow feel "connected" to such countries and thus put in an extra effort to get a special piece of history of those nations.
Actually this is working quite good most of the time. From the countries I visited in recent years I do have matchworn shirts from Macedonia (multiple ones), Romania, Canada, County of Nice, Abkhazia and Nagorno-Karabakh. A matchworn Armenia shirt is on my way currently. However, a Georgia one was missing and I do not have any good contacts there, so I had to buy it in the end.
For the 100€ I had to invest to get this straight from Croatia I got a very unique shirt then. A matchworn Georgia shirt (Under-21, though), which was only ever used in a single match, the depicted Under-21 Euro qualifier match in Croatia.
As Georgia usually wears red or white they just had to take their third shirt, when they met the chess-style red/white dressed Croatians.

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