Freitag, 13. März 2015

Scotland 2

Darren Fletcher (Manchester United | England)
Scotland vs Sweden (0:3) | Euro 2012 qualifier | 2010 in Sweden
As one of my best shirt-mates, Joe, is a Scot I can never enough shirts of "his" team. Besides that Scotland of course always has cracking designs.
This one is the 2010 away version and I got it as a swap from a German collector (together with an old Swiss shirt) for an Uzbek club shirt. So in the end I invested about 30€ for it.
I absolutely love the design as yellow always has been one of my favorite colours and of course the imprinted logo makes it look even great.
I cannot find a good hook to a fun fact about Scotland I learned today, so I will just splash it out. The official national animal of Scotland is... take a seat... the UNICORN. Great! I love the crazy Scots

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