Mittwoch, 4. März 2015


Kyrgyzstan vs. Turkmenistan (7:1)
AFC Futsal Championship 2007 in Japan
 This Kyrgyzstan shirt is a lot nicer in design than the boring white one I have already. Plus the size is by far not as big as the old one. As I was offered this shirt for as little as 30€ I just had to grab it. Even more I was offered that one as "match issued, maybe worn" from a Malaysian collector.
When I started to google the shirt to find a "proof pic" I saw by accident that Nick has exactly the same shirt... from the same player. Besides that an Irish collector told me that he had such a "Harchenko" shirt before and bought it from zenther.
So unfortunately this is not a match issued or worn. Nevertheless it is an amazing shirt for an amazing shirt and I won't complain for that price!
So I thank my Malaysian fellow collector Ezril for this beauty of a shirt!

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