Dienstag, 3. März 2015

Colombia 2

Fredy Guarín (Inter / Italy)
Colombia vs. Japan (4:1) | WC 2014 in Brazil
What a shirt! I absolutely love that design! To me this design was one of the best shirts of the last World Cup in Brazil and I really was keen to get my hands on it. By accident I found an Asian page selling the shirt for as little as 20€ including shipment to my door. I am not sure if it is a perfect copy or an original, but however I love it.
I was fine doing a gamble on getting a fake for such a low price and because I do have a 100% authentic Colombia shirt already anyways. I am also sure that I will wear that shirt from time to time in my free time.

I would have loved to get this shirt with a "Martinez" print instead, but I could not find that available somewhere. The reason for that is that I met Jackson Martinez in a pretty posh restaurant at the Porto riverside last August when I was on a conference in the city. He was there with his family discussing if he wants to move to Valencia or not (you know the outcome now ;) ) and was a pretty nice guy. The Portoguese professor, who organized the conference and sat next to me, asked Jackson for some autographs for his son and he just stopped his way to the restrooms and sat down for a few minutes, some small talk, some selfies with the prof and even a short phone call to his son.
So Jackson and of course the amazing Faryd "Monty" Mondragon, a legend here in Cologne, are only 2 reasons why you just have to love the Colombian team. Their amazingly skilled and technically amazing football is another. And if you need even more - just take a look at Valderramas hair ;)

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