Donnerstag, 5. März 2015


Mohammed Al-Siyabi (Al-Shabab)
Oman vs. UAE (0:0) | Gulf Cup 2014 in Saudi Arabia
During November 2014 I finally got into contact with the Omani FA, to more precise I got in touch with their media officer. He was very helpful and absolutely keen to get me some shirts for myself and other collectors around. So I ordered 8 of those brand new 2014 Kappa shirts and another 3 of the 2013 Taj shirts with their absolutely cracking design!
Unfortunately something went wrong and the Taj shirts got lost somewhere on the way and never made it to me. But at least I got this great Kappa shirt already. Besides that the good news are that the Omani FA media officer told me that they will re-send the Taj shirts to me so that all collectors will be served.
Thank you a lot dear Omani FA media officer! I really appreciate your help!

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