Freitag, 25. September 2015

Palestine 2

Jaka Ihbeisheh (Rudar Velenje | Slovenia)
Palestine vs. Saudi Arabia (2:3) | WC 2018 Qualifiers
2015 in Saudi Arabia
I owe a HUGE thanks to Mr Jaka Ihbeisheh!
Jaka was so good to keep a shirt of his last trip to the Asian qualifiers for Russia 2018 and send it to me to add it to my collection. As he lives and plays in Slovenia the logistics were quite easy luckily, but still it is very special to me to get such an amazing and rare shirt straight from a player!
Even better he signed that beauty for me to make it just perfect!
Once again: THANK YOU Jaka for this amazing shirt :)

Germany 3

Miroslav Klose (1.FC Kaiserslautern)
Germany vs. Greece (4:2) | WC 2002 qualifiers
2001 in Greece
This shirt beats it all - at least for a German like I am!
It is a Germany shirt in the design of the worst times that I personally experienced with my glory national team. We were absolutely disgusting in the 2000 Euros and could not even beat Latvia in the group stages.
However, after that the huge change came and we went from strength to strength until we lifted the trophy of the World Cup in 2014 finally!
This chance in fact has one name: The best ever World Cup scorer, the best ever goalscorer of the German national team and the guy who could score with every single part of his body - Miroslav Klose!
When Miroslav Klose just started his career for the national team he still played for 1.FC Kaiserslautern and usually was only a substitute. He was thrown in for the first time in a World Cup 2002 qualifier match vs. Albania in which he decided the match with a 89' minute goal in his debut!
4 days later he played as a subsitute again and was thrown in against Greece when the match was still looking to go down as a draw. Minutes after he was brought in he scored the 3:2 and Germany won 4:2 in the end.
And here we are - this is the match this shirt is from! It is a matchworn shirt of exactly that match!
It came as a swap for a Belarus shirt, which is crazy, and is a very historic piece of polyester for me.
I am over the moon with that and will not loose any more words about it as this one speaks for itself.

remark: Even if it should not be worn (you never know 100% for sure) it is amazing as it is an exact copy of the matchworn one then.


Gibraltar vs. Croatia (0:4)
friendly 2015 in Croatia
 This shirt again has it all - an amazing design, it is matchworn and it comes "for free" and with an odd story!
As I am living "only" a 3h drive away from Luxembourg and took the chance and watched 2 matches of their national team - a qualifier vs. Ukraine and a friendly match vs. Turkey. Surprisingly Luxembourg lost both matches and to be fair - the football wasn't the best on both sides in both matches.
But I could see international football for a tenner and Ukraine and Turkey both brought an amazing away crowd to Luxembourg and made a great atmosphere. Against Luxembourg the Luxembourg "Ultra block" also fired a pyro and was a bit scared of that in the end :D
During one of those matches - I think the one vs. Turkey - I met Max, who is a shirt collector from Luxembourg and also works for the FA.
He asked me to give him a Belarus shirt I had with me by accident and I gave it to him asking him to send me a matchworn Luxembourg in exchange.
Somehow he struggled to get a Luxembourg shirt in my size (which was for some reason important to him, not to me, though) for more than half a year. After putting some less gentle pressure that I want my swap now he just send me that to get me quiet - and of course I was!
This is a Gibraltar matchworn shirt from the match against Croatia that Max swapped with a Croatian FA worker. So it is definitely legit and it is an absolutely beauty of a shirt!
So, after all, I thank Max for this amazing shirt that I absolutely love to add to my collection :)

Malta 2

This is another shirt I got as a gift by fellow collector, this time it was Jens.
Jens is a German mate and collector of mine who got this one on eBay for cheap and passed it to me, as he focusses on club shirts.
It is quite an uninspired design and of course I was inable to find a picture of this one or find even the year it is from. Malta seemed to had 5 shirts each season for a while and that chaos leads to the fact that I totally lost the overview with them unfortunately.
Thanks Jens for another great addition!

Macedonia 4

Macedonia FA shirt presentation 2014
Well, not much to say about this plain yellow shirt. It comes from the Macedonian FA directly, which just opened a fan shop. A friend of mine bought it there and just gifted it to me as I helped him with some shirt before. He does not want to be named, though.
The shirt is quite "simple" and straight, but still one of the best shirts the FFM did have for now. Unfortunately I could not find a picture of this one being used in a match. Can you help ?

Canada 2

Nikolas Ledgerwood (SV Wehen Wiesbaden | GER)
Canada vs. Panama (1:1) | Gold Cup 2011 in USA
WHAT A SHIRT! This one is a very special piece in my collection, as this is the first shirt I own that is not only matchworn, but was actually worn in a tournament, not a friendly or qualifier.
The shirt was worn by Nikolas Ledgerwood during the Gold Cup 2011 and came to me from a German collector who does have a couple of contact to German clubs, including MSV Duisburg, where Ledgerwood played later.
This shirt was one of the most expensive I ever bought with 100€, but it worth every single penny indeed. Adding to the amazing history of the shirt I have to say that this is one of the better Canada designs as well. My last Canada shirt was plain ugly, but this one comes in style!
Thanks again Michael for that amazing find!

Sonntag, 20. September 2015

Argentina 3

Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona, Spain)
Argentina vs. Peru (3:1) | 2014 World Cup Qualifiers
2013 in Argentina
This shirt is again a huge oddity. I got this, just like the Northern Ireland shirt of Healy, from a collector in Argentina who claims that he has contacts to several kitsmen within South America.
So he sent me, as a swap, this Argentina shirt stating that it is matchworn by Gonzalo Higuain.
Unfortunately the patches are applied vice-versa! So the qualifier patch is on the left arm, not the right as it has to be according to FIFA regulations. The same is true for the Fair Play patch, which is applied on the right here.
Of course I confronted my Argentinian fellow collector with that oddity and here is his reply:
"I spoke with the kitman. The shirt was used by Erik Lamela, not Gonzalo Higuain , but Erik don´t play this match. He was the 90 min in the bench. and because the substitutes had a jacket, nobody was noticed about the patches. The kitman met some jerseys and shorts in a bag and then he gave them to me . He was shocked when I told him about the patches."

Well, ok. As I am always a sceptical mind I absolutely fail to believe that, especially as the other shirt he sent me wasn't legit as well. So, once again, I was trapped as it seems!