Donnerstag, 5. März 2015

Moldova 2

I do already have a Moldova shirt. Not any Moldova shirt, but the world famous 1€-Moldova shirt.That one was just amazing and many people got jealous how amazingly cheap shirts were at that time on German ebay.
However anyone out there has to admit that my first Moldova shirt was and is... well... ugly as hell.
Now Moldova finally got a great design and when Mustafa from Istanbul offered that shirt to me I couldn't say no to it. I am very pleased for Moldova that they finally got a proper design!
Actually Moldova in total is a very interesting country and - being one of the last countries in Europe nobody seems to know much about - it is on very top of my list for countries to visit soon!
I do not know yet when I will be able to jump over to Chisinau and then hopefully also Transnistria, but I will definitely do so!
Besides that I also plan to see the Moldova team in action soon when they will play their friendly in early July in Luxembourg! Of course I will dress up properly for that reason ;)

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