Samstag, 28. März 2015

Belarus 2

Pavel Plaskonny (Dinamo Minsk)
Belarus vs. Spain (0:4), World Cup 2014 qualifiers
2012 in Belarus
I got this matchworn Belarus shirt from a contact in Minsk for a pretty affordable price. He again got the shirt directly from a contact within the Belarus FA.
The shirt itself is quite plain, but the fact it is matchworn, maybe even from the match vs. Spain, of course makes it very special and interesting. So I really love that shirt!
Even more interesting the shirts of the "star players" like Putsila or Hleb were long gone so the only matchworns they can still offer are those of "less known" players like Pavel Plaskonny. In fact I even much prefer those and of course it makes me learning a bit about the less-known Belarussian players.
So I really thank Hadjimurat, my friend in Minsk, for his amazing help!

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