Dienstag, 28. August 2012


Malaysia vs. Thailand (1:1)
Friendly 2012 in Malaysia

This shirt is amazing ! :D I saw it on ebay.co.uk for about 5 Euro and asked Nick to buy it for me. When I arrived at Nick's house he told me that the shirt is good for a midget, but useless for me. I still hoped that he just means that it is S sized, but it is really tiny :D
It is size 20, which is for midgets or small children only.
If everyone out there knows a Malaysian guy who can wear a size 20 shirt, give me a mail :D

Thanks Nick, anyways.


Bermuda vs. Trinidad and Tobago (2:1)
WC 2014 qualifier | in Bermuda, 2011

A nice Bermuda shirt, unfortunately without a Bermuda shorts :D
Again all thanks go to my friend Nick, who gave me this Bermuda shirt as a swap for a Monaco matchworn shirt. As always I am very pleased to get a CONCACAF shirt, as the Carribean shirts are hard to get for me for some reason...


Unknown Player
Pakistan vs. Singapore (0:4 | friendly match 2014

A big thanks goes to Nick, who gave me this beauty of a Pakistan shirt as a little gift when I met him. I love the design a lot and there is no chance to improve more in design than from the old Pakistan shirt I had to this one ! Thanks Nick for this beautiful shirt and for a beautiful week with you during my holidays in Peterborough.


Mauritania during training session
before AFCON qualifiers 2012 vs. Liberia in Liberia

This shirt again is a result of a long story. I found out that there is a FIFA licensed player agent from Mauritania who lives and works in Berlin. So I tried to send him an email. I found 5 different E-mail addresses of him and found out that non of them worked. So I had to search on and someday found the mobile number of the guy. I wrote him a short message asking for a Mauritania shirt and he replied: "Dear Sascha, no problem ! I will be in Mauritania to meet the FA tomorrow and will bring you a shirt."
I was pretty happy to get a Mauritanian shirt so quickly and then never heard of him again. I phoned a couple of times with him and his wife later to get the shirts. He was just sorting out player contracts in all over Europe and was nearly never in Berlin. After about 4 month he finally had time to send me the shirt and here it is :)

I quite like the design and the shirt. Especially that they wrote Mauritanie on the back instead of names. Unfortunately this shirt has no FA badge (I assume that they just forgot, as the shirt came 100% directly from the FA), which is a shame. Anyways it is better than nothing and I am happy with it for now.