Freitag, 13. März 2015

Republic of Ireland

Liam Miller (Sunderland AFC | England)
Ireland vs Wales (2:2) | Euro 2008 qualifiers | 2007 in Ireland

FINALLY I could add Ireland to my collection. I am waiting for a proper Ireland shirt for ages now.
Until today I always had a huge problem to buy an Ireland shirt as in my eyes one of the big benefits of international football is that it is about passion, love and pride for your country and not the big money. This is usually reflected in the fact that shirts are generally unsponsored and sponsoring is even forbidden on national team shirts in matches.
However, the Republic of Ireland decided to not follow the worldwide strategy to be "non-commercial", but is instead trying to advert their main sponsor on all of their sold shirts for ages now. Even shirts from the 90s are sponsored!
Of course this does not make the shirt any cheaper for the fans. It just makes the FA a bit richer probably, because thousands of people are carrying around a logo of the sponsor for free.
All that led to the fact that I had to get a matchworn or at least issued shirt to cover Ireland and not to support their sponsoring strategy.
So this one is matchworn by the Irish U21 and was bought on eBay for around 50€ including shipment straight from Ireland.

Now back to the team: I absolutely love the Irish team and especially their fans and highly favorited them during their time with Trappatoni. You have to love a limited team that meets an anti-football loving coach. The combination often leads to glory and also did so for Ireland qualifiying for the Euros 2012 after felt ages without any major tournament. Unfortunately they did not well too good in a tough group and went out winless.
However, the spirit and the amazing fans have been absolutely fantastic!

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