Mittwoch, 4. März 2015

Luxembourg 2

Manuel Cardoni (Jeunesse Esch)
Luxembourg vs. Faroe Islands (0:2) | WC 2002 qualifier
2001 in Luxembourg
I can barely express and in no way write how much I love this shirt! It is a matchworn shirt of the Luxembourg star player Jeff Strasser from the World Cup 2002 qualifiers. I am 100% sure that this is really a matchworn shirt as it came with a certificate of authenticity signed by Jeff Strasser and a sports auction company.
I personally got this shirt from Andreas, a German collector from the often mentioned group of German collectors on Facebook. Andreas bought the shirt on his own some years ago and sold it to me for the price he paid years ago now as he "restructured" his collection.
Luxembourg itself is becoming one of my favorite teams as I started to "adopt" them a bit as "my" national team. It is only a 3 hours drive away from my home and it is so easy, comfortable and nice to see them live in stadium. I have been there against Ukraine for their last Euro qualifiers and will be again there, with the few Ultras of Luxembourg, for a friendly vs. Turkey at the end of March. I was also invited to join the Ultras of Luxembourg for their next away match in Slovakia, but unfortunately had to skip that for time reasons. However I am pretty sure to go with them to an away match sooner or later, especially as the Luxembourg FA donates tickets in that case to all fans!
In short: I love Luxembourg, I loved Jeff Strasser and I simply LOVE that shirt. Thanks Andreas!

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