Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Sri Lanka

Unknown Player
Sri Lanka vs. Nepal (1:1) | 2006 Challenge Cup in Bangladesh

I got this Sri Lankan shirt from where a Thai seller sold those for a reasonable price. It cost 30,03€ including the shipment cost already. Funnily the shirt feels like real cotton. Unfortunately it is sized XXXL, so far too big for me. The design is pretty cool and looks very modern, even if the shirt is from 2006. The Thai company FBT really did a nice job with this shirt !


  1. Hello Sascha, I've just come to visit your blog redirected from Nick's one. Short message to let you know that I have a Zimbabwe Legea shirt, new with tags, size XL. If you want an exchange, please let me know.
    Kind regards from Argentina,

  2. PS: my email is