Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012


Vanuatu in 2011

This Vanuatu shirt is a bit boring, but it is a VANUATU shirt ;)
I cannot find words for how happy I am that I got this and a couple of more OFC members shirts from my friend Nick. I really appreciate it a lot to get those damn rare shirts for my collection.
In the last month I concentrated on getting shirts that even Nick is missing a lot to get those rarities of him.
So I got 4 OFC shirts from Nick as swaps for home and away shirts of Yemen and the Seychelles.
It is always a pleasure to do those swaps with Nick and I hope that we will can more of them soon.
I am still working to get your missing shirts hard ;)

As probably some of you know Vanuatu had the most amazing shirt in international football. And if someone ever gets hold of this shirt I would really love to get it:

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