Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011


Some weeks ago Enrique, a collector from Mexico, contacted me and we did a swap now. The first result is this Panama shirt and the above Venezuela shirt. It is somehow crazy that this shirt comes armless, but it seems to be official for me. Muchas gracias Enrique !The shirt is pretty nice and I am happy to know you :)


  1. Wow! Strange one... I thought Cameroon had the only sleeveless kit. Actually Cameroon got in lots of trouble from FIFA for not having sleeves, they were banned from using it...

  2. You're welcome pal. It was a very nice swap and I'm glad to know you too.
    As Joe said, Cameroon had a lot of troubles with that shirts, they even had a one piece uniform (shirt & short together) like some olympic athletes:
    They're mad!

  3. Yeah I know this Cameroon story. Especially the one piece uniform looks very crazy. This Panama shirt seems to have cut off sleeves. I am a kind of confused about it, as the shirt looks so very authentic.