Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011


Dominica vs Mexico (0:10) | WC 2006 qualifier | 2004 in Dominica

I got this great Dominica shirt from a player of the national team, Colin Bernard. I got 2 shirts of him and will get a third one in the next weeks. I am really thankful for this contact as Dominica seems to be one of the hardest to get countries in the world. To proove that this shirt is official I added a match picture. It was pretty hard to believe for me that this is the official logo of the Dominica FA, but it was in fact.


  1. Wow!! Is there any way we can arrange a deal for a Dominica shirt?? send me an email:

    Cheers mate!

  2. By the way, if you turn your pictures in windows before you upload them then they should upload that way. Hope that's useful :)

  3. Hi

    I have a new bermuda shirt and or Colombia adidas (this season)if you would like to swap for a Dominica shirt

  4. Hey all !
    Thanks for you interest, but I do not have any more shirts of Dominica. I can ask the guy who sold it to me, but I do not think that he has any more of them. Sorry guys, but you are too late :P

  5. Hi

    Thats cool, i also have a nicaragua and barbados shirt to possibly swap, if you ever can get hold of a bhutan shirt like you have that would be brilliant as i have looked for a long while to get a bhutan shirt, they are beautiful


  6. Man, you can check this shirt here :D haha.