Donnerstag, 17. November 2011


Swaziland in 2005

This is by far the most beautiful shirt I got for my collection so far ! I was lucky to get into contact with Linoh Magagula who is the secretary of the Technical Committee of the Swaziland FA. He is a very kind and helpful guy and so I organized a swap with him. I send him a brand new Liverpool shirt, an Ukraine shirt and some gifts for his two sons. For this I got this beauty of a shirt. I really wish him and the Shilangu all the best in the future an I am really thankful to get to know Mr Magagula. Besides the shirt he attached some WC 2010 stamps of Swaziland on the parcel. As I collected stamps before I collect shirts now, I really appreciate this a lot, too. I just attached them to my huge stamp collection :)

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